Thursday, April 11, 2013

Tips In Getting Affordable Residential Log Cabins

Town & Country Log Home

Log cabins have been used in earlier times, specifically people who really like visiting the great outdoor environment. Regardless of whether it's having a fishing trip with your buddies, enjoying a ski vacation utilizing your cherished one, or going backpacking in the woodlands with your family, this particular timber house have given lots of backyard fanatic the best alternative of one's dwelling. But were you aware that a lot of people are actually beginning to take the concept that these wooden houses could be ideal for home usage?

Nowadays, residential log cabins are extremely popular amidst people who really like the good outdoors but might want to develop the timber home using a continuing schedule. Whilst the understanding of staying in log cabins around the city is usually a new property market principle, running a wooden residence is not new. In Europe and the United States, log houses are extremely typical inside towns as well as in rural areas. These types of wooden homes also remind individuals of the rustic communities living near the Swiss Alps.

The days are gone when these wooden homes are only built for vacation functions; lots of people now would like to reside in residential log cabins rather than the typical cement-made residences. What are the benefits of residing in residential log cabins? To start with, the wood found in building log cabins turns out to be a lot more resistant against snow and rain. Because solid wood is thick-walled, it's clearly protected against tough climate. No wonder that the Japanese normally demand it when creating their houses with lumber. An additional advantage of residential log cabins is because they might be transported from the factory site to your home position. As it is manufactured from solid wood, it is less heavy and may be placed at a place where you would like your home to be in.

Extraordinary, isn't it? Last of all, these log cabins might be custom-made in response to your choice. Have you got a specific form of roof structure that you'd like to be placed for one’s home wooden house? Or perhaps you desire to get your log house decorated which has a particular coloring to check the rooftop at the same time. At any rate, you have the freedom to pick what your cottage may be like. So if you feel an admirer of Mother Nature and you also want to experience the warmth and comfort of just living within a home cottage, then now is the moment to do so.

Get a home log cabin today and go through residing in a setting where Mother Earth is in its best!

Tyler Miller is a guest contributor from Michigan Cedar Products, a distributor of log siding and paneling. Visit to view their log cabin and timber home building products.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Tips To Upgrade An Old Kitchen

Kitchen (Photo credit: Tomas Rawski)
Probably one of the biggest added value options you can consider, is to improve a dated kitchen.
I know that it’s the first thing my wife looks for in a new home and it certainly can be a deal breaker when you come to sell.

Some quick to implement, ideas for breathing new life into a tired kitchen:
  • Replace existing work surfaces.
  • Install new, contemporary handles to units.
  • Resurface the floor.
  • If you don’t have budget to replace the cooker and hob - consider having it professionally cleaned. You might be surprised how well they come up.
  • For next to nothing you can buy and install a new sink and drainer.
  • Repaint the unit doors.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Lanterns Light The Way To A Better Exterior

EspaƱol: Fuente de la Plaza Alta en la localid...

Finding the right set of exterior lights isn't always easy. There is such a huge selection to choose from on aesthetics alone. Some of the more popular varieties in recent years come in brass or copper, but even if you select a material there's a long way to go before selecting the style.

I won't even get into selecting the style, but there are definitely some general guidelines to follow when it comes to where you put your lanterns, particularly if they're next to an entryway. These guidelines come from the folks at Light Innovations:

  • If you plan to place a lantern on only one side of the door it should measure one-third the height of the door. The center of the bulb should rest 66″ above the threshold of the door.
  • If you plan to use two lanterns they should each measure approximately one-fourth the height of the door. The center of the bulb should rest 66″ above the threshold of the door.
Another huge question to ask is whether you'll go with a gas or electric lantern. Obviously, there's going to be a cost differential and it's good to know which is more expensive in your area before making that decision. Some would argue there is a difference in lighting quality as well, and that's something that should certainly be looked into in your decision making process. 

Regardless of where you go in this decision process, making a good choice can lend an elegant charm to your exterior and possibly increase the value of your home. So do your research and speak to a professional to make sure you do the right thing.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Finding the Right Rental Housing Option

Houses for rent offer you a less expensive way to become independent and give you the privacy of your own home, without committing to the responsibilities of actually buying property. There are many things you should be aware of if you choose to rent a house; rules and rights of both the renter and the owner should be clear and agreed upon.

Your search for houses for rent should include not only a search for the right area, but a search for compatibility. For example, if you know that you are looking for corporate housing in western Ohio, then you will want to put a list together of your favorite Dayton Ohio corporate housing options. Know the different kinds of regulations that landlords have and decide on what you must have and what you are willing to compromise. Here are some questions you may want to ask:
  • Do you plan on bringing your pet? Many owners do not allow pets or require a higher deposit if you bring them.
  • Do you pay for the utilities and appliances? If you use provided appliances it may be a hassle to get them maintained.
  • What kind of neighborhood do you want to live in? Many neighborhoods with numerous renters have college kids, elderly residents or lots of children. Make sure you know the kind of area you would like to live in.

Once you find the property you would like to rent, the next step is convincing the landlord you should be given the opportunity to live there. One word of caution: landlords are usually more friendly at interviews than they are when you live in rented property, since they want to have people living in their properties. Talk to others who are under the supervision of the landlord to see if you will be able to live with his or her regulations. To further impress the landlord, bring a completed housing application, references and a job history so that all of your background information is available quickly.

Another important way to decide which home is right for you is to make your own inspection of the property. Check for insects, rodents and water damage. Know the age of the home and if there have been updates to it since it was built. If the building is old you are put at risk for age-related damages. You should also notice the amount of space the home has available like storage and closets and ask if the garage is included in the rental.

As you prepare to sign rental contracts, make sure you get everything agreed to in writing. Both parties should be fully aware of all responsibilities and restrictions. In addition, read all rental agreements carefully. When you rent a home, you may be responsible for more than you would if you rented an apartment, townhouse or condo. House renters often need to be accountable for their own lawn care, garbage hauling, repairs, etc. Also, to protect your possessions, get renter’s insurance in case problems arise. Finally, take pictures before you move in and out. This will keep your deposit safe in the event of any disputes over the condition of the home.

Choosing a house among the available houses for rent is an excellent option for those just getting started or for residents looking to save money. To make sure you have the best house renting experience, be aware of your rights as a renter and of the condition of your prospective home.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Tips for your Swimming Pool or Spa

English: A Private Swimming Pool

Following are few tips that will be very helpful when using the swimming pool or spa. Your water will be cleaner and save you some money. Use Brand Name Products from Sun, GLB, Guardex, Leisure Time to keep your pool clean. For your convenience I've attached informational links and links to purchase some of the items mentioned (from Swimtown, my personal favorite place to shop - great prices and they have real people that answer the phone!)

  • Water Testing    Always check for water balance and ph of the water. Maintain proper level. Buy brand name products like Sun, GLB, and Guradex to keep your water balanced. Shop for test strips.
  • Automatic Cleaners    Make sure your automatic cleaners are working and all the debris are getting removed. Check all the hose and working of skimmers. There are a lot of great pool cleaners out there from manufacturers like Polaris and Aquabot.
  • Sanitizers    All the sanitizing equipement should be in proper working conditions. Make sure your sanitizers are working
  • Oils & Soaps    When in using pool do not use soap or cleaning products like Formula 409, shampoo etc. It will be helpful if your body does not have skin lotions this can be done by having a pre-bath or cleaning your hands, legs and face before entering the pool.
  • Plastic Caps    Use Plastic Caps. They tend to keep hair spray and hair products from getting into the pool.
  • Scumballs    Scumballs are good oil removing agent. Scumball products drastically reduce the amount of oils that actually get sucked into the filter. Squeeze the Scumball after each pool uss and replace them when they start to detriorate. You can also use Enzyme based oil removers sold by Sun and GLB brand chemicals. The break down the oil into smaller particles and keep water crystal clean and fresh for long period of  2 - 3 months.
  • Pool Filters    Your filter (purchase here - should always be in proper working condition. Make sure all the inlet and outlet valves are functioning properly. Check for the Filter Pressure. Keep filter catridges, Sand or D.E. Grids handy to change them. Recommend changing the elements every 1 - 2 years or as per the use of pool.
  • Bromine/ Chlorine Tablets    Use Floating feeders to keep your water always in good condition by using Bromine or Chlorine Tablets. Make sure of dissolve rate and add them as needed. Shop for these here.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Lots about Lots

Property market
When deciding between purchasing a new home and purchasing a lot on which to build a home, you may find a lot fits your needs perfectly. With a lot, you often have more flexibility because you can custom build the home you want on the property of your choice. Your local real estate agent can help you find a lot suitable for your needs. Together, you can carefully consider the lot’s location. While the area you are interested in may be desolate and peaceful at the moment, you should educate yourself regarding future zoning and plans for construction. The land nearby, for example, will probably already be zoned for residential or commercial development. You may want to purchase a lot that will not end up near a busy strip mall or restaurants. Or, you may learn that homes or buildings planned for the future will eventually impede your beautiful view. Also, you will want to consider the lot’s proximity to schools, to your job and to other areas of interest. After looking at numerous lots, you should consider any potential adverse conditions associated with each.

When looking at the lots you are interested in, hire a surveyor to look over the property. He or she will inform you if there are any problems in the land of which you should be aware, including steep drop-offs, drainage problems or poor access roads. You should also make sure all utilities are available in the area, and gas, electricity, sewer and water lines will be able to be run easily into the property. Visit the lot in the morning, afternoon and evening to get a complete feel for the land and environment, including sun and shade patterns and traffic in the area.

Once you have a better idea that a particular lot may be the right one for you, you should hire an architect to ensure your plans for building a home on the property are feasible. Certain lots may be difficult to build on and will call for higher building costs. This could be true, for example, if the grade of the land will require expensive work to put in retaining walls or a driveway on a steep area. Your architect will sit down with you and discuss what you would like to build on the lot, including the square footage, number of floors and rooms and style of the home. Depending on the size and features you are hoping for, you may find one lot will work better for you than another.

While looking at lots, you should work with a local real estate agent to find the best properties for your wants and needs. Whether investing for the future or looking to build, together you can find the right lot for you.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

How Not To Sell a House

johnny cash port richey house
johnny cash port richey house (Photo credit: the past tends to disappear)
We often rant about real estate in Lebanon Oregon and ways to help you sell your home at a great price. Here a few of the big mistakes people make when looking to sell a home or get a good offer. Many of these are simply common sense items, but they are the most common ones for some reason.

A. Going in without a plan - This is the biggest problem when people want to accomplish any goal, and selling a home is certainly no small goal. When you finally decide that you want your home to be sold, know what price range you will be willing to take, the way you will be advertising your property, and how long you expect it to be on the market before reconsidering your game plan. The homes that are on the market for years upon years are the ones that are missing one of these key steps and are stuck in a rut going nowhere fast.

B. Not bringing in help - Real estate agents can sometimes be a bit pricey in the long run, but the good ones that know your local market and have been in the business for a long time can provide you with valuable tips and ways the help you sell your home faster. Remember, they have the same goal as you, and although they may want to sell your home at a faster rate, they still want to help you sell it.

C. Not having enough Open Houses - Sometimes biting the bullet and making your home available for an open house on a great weekend is what you have to do to make your home easier to sell. Most people would rather have their open houses in the middle of the workweek, but not everyone can accomodate those plans, and you have to find ways to get everyone interested the opportunity to take a look at your home. If there is anyone in particular you know that is interested, make special arrangements for them to look at your home, and always ask your agent their opinion before opening up your home.